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16 Jan 2017

We had 21300 targeted viewers to our Facebook page in 7 days. 
....Are you one of them?

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WHY?? you may ask.
We all need to keep up with change or we may become stagnant.

I was pondering on the cost of doing business and on where my clients could be found.
I asked myself, are my clients to be found in: -
- Printed & newspaper adverts? --NO!!
..only 15% of the population are reading printed media.
- Internet based portals? --Yes, some.
- Social media? --YES!!
My clients are mostly "Smartphone in hand" and browsing social media posts,
at least once or twice a day.

Facebook has the largest social media follow of all.
Therefore, please make sure not to miss out on relevant property information we will be sharing on Facebook.

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